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    Birding on the Prairie

    We had our monthly field trip at Commons Ford on September 18. Sixteen individuals, including field trip leaders participated, and we were joined by our own Travis Audubon Executive Director, Joan Marshall. We birded in the increasing heat from about 6:30 AM until 11:30 AM. We had 43 species, plus

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    Texas Naturalist’s Notes By Bill Reiner

    September and October are traveling times for many bird species. Most of the travelers are southbound migrants: stragglers from the shorebird migration that peaked in August; the songbird wave that crests during September; then the kettles of hawks and rafts of waterfowl that start to appear late in September and

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    Think Outside the Park Interview with Amy Belaire

    Think Outside the Park Interview with Amy Belaire By Betsy Pfeil Dr. Amy Belaire is the Natural Resources Manager & Coordinator of Education and Research at Wild Basin. She is a landscape ecologist with a focus on urban environments. Amy received her Master’s in Environmental Management from Duke University and

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    Avian Ink Tattoo Contest

    Birds are incredible creatures and Travis Audubon recently honored our feathered friends by hosting a bird-inspired tattoo contest. We received 107 local entries from tattoo artists and people who had been inked. Our award ceremony was at Austin’s Haymaker Sports Bar. The grand prize for the contest went to Austin-based

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