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  • Fun Adventures in Chiapas By Chuck Sexton

    Through the generosity of Brock Huffmann and Chiapas Birding Adventures, I was one of the recipients of a trip to Chiapas, Mexico, from last fall’s Victor Emanuel Conservation Award Luncheon. Mary Kay and I scheduled our trip to Chiapas for the second week of January in the hopes of encountering

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  • Osprey, Brian Kushner

    Bird of the Week: Osprey

    Osprey With a wingspan of nearly six feet, the Osprey is one of our largest birds of prey, as well as the only raptor that can dive into water. Ospreys hunt from the sky, soaring or circling over bodies of water before diving for fish at high speed. These remarkable

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  • Storm Damage Closes Hornsby Bend

    Yesterday’s storm that swept through Austin knocked out power to the Hornsby Bend Plant and the Administration building and did extensive damage across the site. Pond roads are blocked by trees and debris. Platt Lane is closed as many power poles are down. Hornsby Bend WILL BE CLOSED TO THE

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  • Common Grackle, Madeline Poster

    Interview with Owen Moorhead

    Travis Audubon Member Sarah Ruiz recently interviewed Owen Moorhead. Owen recently joined Travis Audubon and has already volunteered for several crucial projects. He is also a park ranger for the City of Austin.   Sarah Ruiz: You work as a park ranger for the City of Austin. When did you

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