Purple Martin Parties near Airport Blvd and Highland Mall Blvd

Exact location: behind Jack in the Box at Airport Blvd & Highland Mall Blvd (Updated July 9, 2014)


Our Purple Martin Parties have recently been featured in the media!

Check out this story from Austin 360 (Flash plug-in required):

And the Purple Martins were featured on NPR. Find the story here.

Travis Audubon’s Purple Martin parties were a great hit this summer. We hope you joined us for one or two or more! Check out our Facebook page for an assortment of videos and photos of the event. Feel free to “like” us while you’re there!

If you missed the parties or you want to return to see the show again, there is still time to see the roost if you go soon. Typically the number of birds peaks at the roost in late July and then in August, the number starts to drop off quickly. Usually by mid to late August, most of the martins have moved south (toward their winter home in South America, mainly Brazil) and the roost is no longer used. So, if you go, go before mid-August to see the best show.

The main roost is in the trees just to the north of Jack in the Box at Airport Blvd and Highland Mall Blvd. A few birds also use some of the trees in Jack in the Box’s parking lot. Park in the parking lot behind Jack in the Box and watch the aerial show above and then watch the birds go to roost in the trees. Arrive around 8:00 pm. The number of birds will build over the next hour or so and then at dark, the martins will start to perch in the trees. Once the birds are in the trees, you can walk up to them quietly and observe them packed into the trees. Please don’t make any loud noises or disturb them in any other way.

If you have questions, you can contact Shelia Hargis at shelia.hargis@gmail.com or 512-294-0272.

Thank you and enjoy the birds!

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