Baker Sanctuary004_BrendaLaddPhoto2011_BakerSanct

Baker Sanctuary is a 715 acre preserve for Golden-cheeked Warblers, an endangered species that only nests and breeds in Central Texas. Baker is open to Travis Audubon members and their guests from dawn to dusk with the exception of the hunting season. Baker Sanctuary is located on Lime Creek Road in northern Travis County. View an eBird list of birds spotted at Baker Sanctuary.


Chaetura Entrance March 2013Chaetura Canyon

Chaetura Canyon is a small green island of protected natural habitat surrounded by rapidly developing Texas Hill Country in northwest Austin.  Though home to over 30 nesting bird species, this sanctuary is dedicated to the research and conservation of the Chimney Swift (Chaetura pelagica). Chaetura Canyon is open to Travis Audubon members and their guests. For information about the 2016 events at Chaetura Canyon, click hereView a PDF listing the birds spotted at Chaetura Canyon. (Updated December 2013)


Blair Woodsblairwoodsmlk1

Blair Woods is a 10-acre wooded tract in East Austin.  Gifted to Travis Audubon by former owner and noted UT professor Dr. Frank Blair, it functions as a ‘living lab’ for underserved children in the Austin area in addition to providing important native habitat to local wildlife. Blair Woods is undergoing restoration.  Track our progress by clicking hereClick here to view a list of birds spotted at Blair Woods.



Commons Ford

Commons Ford Metropolitan Park supports an amazing diversity of
wildlife and grassland birds. The 40-acre prairie, co-managed by the City of Austin and Travis Audubon, explodes in color in the spring and early summer. Throughout the year, it is teeming with hundreds of species of birds, butterflies, insects, and other wildlife. The park is open every day of the week from 5AM-10PM and is located at 614 North Commons Ford Road.


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