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  • Who Cooks For You?

    By: Laura Heartwood, Travis Audubon Master Birder My husband calls for me at the same time I hear the call of a barred owl “Who Cooks For You?” as the sun sets on February 23rd, 2019. He had his headphones on, so I didn’t realize he didn’t hear what I

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  • Birdathon 2019 Photography Contest Winners Revealed

    Thank you to everyone who submitted their work to our first ever Birdathon Photography Contest! We received 51 submissions, and our judges Nora Chovanec (TAS Graphic Designer) and Brad James (Master Birder and Photographer) had the task of scoring the photos based on the following criteria: Technical: Focus, Exposure, Lighting,

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  • Birdathon 2019 Results

    This weekend, over 30 Birdathon participants met at Threadgill’s to celebrate a fantastic fundraiser. Together, we raised $31,000 to benefit Travis Audubon in our mission of inspiring conservation through birding. The winners for each competing category was announced: Most Species Seen (Half Day): Master Birders (68 species) Most Species Seen

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