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  • February Bird Forecast

    By: Kristen Currie What to watch for in February: Eagles and other Raptors In February if you are out where you have a good view of the sky, and even better, are close to a body of water like Granger Lake, Lake Buchanan, or the Colorado River, you may be

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  • Rare Bird Alert: Feb. 11-18

    This is the Austin Area Rare Bird Alert.  Last update on 2/18/20.  Send interesting sightings, complete with species name, location, and contact information to Vincent O’Brien at A male HOODED ORIOLE was a nice find within the circle during The Great Backyard Bird Count!  The oriole was photographed visiting

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  • Thank you, 2016 Master Birders!

    On February 17, we celebrated the all-stars from the Master Birder Class of 2016. To reach permanent Master Birder status, they had to volunteer a minimum of 90 hours across 3 years following graduation from the Master Birder course. Master Birders are responsible for thousands of volunteer hours every year,

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