Beginner’s Bird Walk at Hornsby Bend River Trail

7:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Given the hot weather, let’s walk the shaded River Trail.  We’ll look for our local residents, summer visitors, woodpeckers (Pileated Woodpeckers reported to be nesting at Hornsby), and maybe Bald Eagles flying down the river.

Meet at the Center for Environmental Research. George Kerr, Celeste Treadway and Michael Pfeil will be your leaders. We’ll watch the Purple Martins and look for Blue Birds as people gather. Then, we’ll car pool to the ponds and the trail beyond.  In addition, we’ll check the drying bens for shorebirds as we drive along the levee.

Come join the fun!

The Beginners’ Bird Walk is held on the first Saturday of each month and is open to birders of all levels and ages. It’s free. It’s fun. Membership is not required. Registration is not required. Need binoculars? We’ve got loaners. The location is different each month. If the location for this month is not posted yet, check back later.

George Kerr is leading the walk.  Contact him with questions:

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