Birding by Ear with Mikael Behrens

7:30 AM – 10:30 AM

The Texas Hill Country supports many species of birds, but its dense oak-juniper woods can make them difficult to see. Birding by ear is a way of finding and identifying birds without having to see them. And it’s so much more! Tuning into the subtle sounds birds make increases awareness and mindfulness, enhances behavior interpretation, and helps to make your birding a strong and lasting form of nature connection.

This three hour class will focus on identifying and appreciating birds by sound rather than sight, on Travis Audubon’s Chaetura Canyon Sanctuary. It’s a combination of stationary listening and a slow walk on the canyon trail (which is steep and narrow in places.) In this class we will:

  • Identify the bird sounds we hear.
  • Learn about the reasons for and context of bird sounds.
  • Learn a framework for interpreting bird sounds that does not require identifying the bird.
  • Tune in to subtle sounds in general and learn how our ears both help and hinder us.

Coffee, hot tea, soft drinks and snacks will be provided and restrooms are available.

$20 Travis Audubon Members, $30 Non-members. Limit 10 participants.

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