Chaetura Canyon Mediterranean Feast

Admission is $75 per TAS member ($100 for non-members) with all proceeds going into the TAS Chaetura Canyon maintenance fund.

The Travis Audubon Chaetura Canyon Bird Sanctuary is unique. It is the only place in the world where Chimney Swifts are so carefully protected and so closely observed in such an intimate setting. As their numbers dwindle elsewhere, Chimney Swifts thrive at Chaetura Canyon due to innovative conservation practices resulting from over 30 years of observation and research by Georgean and Paul Kyle. To insure conservation for future generations of swifts and birders alike, Georgean and Paul donated their beautiful property and home to the Travis Audubon Society in 2006 to be protected in perpetuity. You can help maintain this wonderful TAS resource by attending an unforgettable evening this Fall.

The evening will begin with an optional self-guided stroll that wanders past numerous Chimney Swift Towers, through a haven of native plants, carefully restored wildlife habitat including an amazing grove of sapling Spanish Oaks and several small ponds teaming with dragonflies, chorusing Leopard Frogs and other aquatic critters along the easily walkable upper trails.

Enjoy drinks and numerous delicious appetizers on the covered deck overlooking the Canyon followed by other more filling entrees from Georgean’s now famous culinary imagination. After dinner entertainment will include a brief video presentation about the Canyon and its most famous avian residents which often make an impressive appearance at sunset.

This event is limited to 25 participants and has sold out each year, so don’t wait too long! If you have questions, please contact the Stewards Georgean and Paul Kyle at

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