Chaetura Canyon Swift Watch

Registration for this event is now full. Check out our calendar for more great events and birding opportunities! The next event at Chaetura Canyon will be the Mediterranean Feast on September 16!

Join the Kyles for monthly viewing parties of the Chimney Swifts living at Chaetura Canyon. Snacks, adult beverages and water are provided.  Each evening will begin with an orientation and short, guided walk of the upper trails.  Guests then socialize on the deck and observe the Chimney Swifts as they cavort over the Canyon and then go to roost at dusk.

These events are scheduled for 7:00 PM ’til 9:00 PM.  They are limited to 20 participants.  Note cards, limited edition prints and TAS merchandise will be available for purchase.  A donation of $10.00 per person is requested.  All donations and purchases benefit maintenance and projects at Chaetura Canyon.