Class: Intro to Photography Part II: Birds

Target Audience: Beginners/Intermediate
Saturday Sept. 2 9am to 3pm
$35 for members $50 for non-members

Have you ever wished you could take a photo of a bird like the ones you see online? This class will introduce you to how to take bird photographs. Techniques learned can also be used for other types of photography, too. You don’t need expensive equipment. Bring whatever camera equipment you have: DSLR, bridge, or point-and-shoot.

The class will cover basic camera settings suitable for bird photography, provide helpful resources, and a Q & A session. Bring your camera manual and a tripod if you have one. Also, bring snacks, lunch and water, and a hat as we will be outside.

It will be helpful, if before the class, participants become familiar with how to set Manual (M), Aperture (A or AV), and Speed (T or TV) on their cameras. We will review what these settings do for the photograph.

This will be a lecture/demonstration class and also an opportunity for outside field work. The class will be held at a Southeast Austin location. Further details will be emailed to registrants prior to the class.

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Class size limited to 15. Contact Cindy Cannon at with questions.