CLASS: Raptor Workshop

Class sessions:  Saturday’s August 19 and September 9, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Optional out of town field trips: Weekends September 22-24 and October 20-22

Central Texas annually hosts 19 species of raptors (hawks, eagles, kites and falcons), with another 5 species that occur occasionally. Hawks are fun to watch, but they can be difficult to identify. This class will help you become familiar with the most commonly-occurring raptor species in the Austin area, and teach you how to identify them and separate them from species which occur in central Texas less frequently.

The class will consist of two separate 6-hour classroom sessions (on Saturday August 19 and Saturday September 9) with slides and lecture material. Two optional long-distance field trips to hawk watch sites along the Texas coast will be offered (for an additional charge) on the weekends of Sep 22-24 and Oct 20 – 22.

The main focus of the class will be to help you become comfortable identifying our year-round raptors (2 vultures, Bald Eagle, Red-tailed Hawk, Red-shouldered Hawk, Cooper’s Hawk and Crested Caracara) and to become better able to separate these birds from those that spend only part of the year here (like Broad-winged and Swainson’s Hawks, Northern Harriers, Sharp-shinned Hawks and several species of falcon) or that occur here less frequently than annually. This class should be suitable for almost anyone with a moderate amount of experience trying to identify birds with binoculars or spotting scope.

Byron Stone, aka “Dr Birdie,” has taught a popular sparrow identification class for Travis Audubon Society for 12 years, and has also taught classes on shorebird and gull identification. He helped create Balcones Canyonland’s SparrowFest, and is immediate past-president of the Texas Ornithological Society. He has been studying and enjoying birds in Austin and the rest of Texas for over 40 years.

This class will be limited to about 30 classroom participants. Class fee is $90 for TAS members, $120 for non-members. Additional fee for each long-distance field trip is $30 (in addition to participant’s meals, travel and loding for 2 nights) to cover the leader’s expenses.

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