CLASS: Shorebird Identification

Can you tell the difference between those little brown birds on the mudflats at Hornsby Bend? If not, join Jeff Patterson and Eric Stager for Travis Audubon’s Shorebird Identification Class of 2017! This class is intended for intermediate birders who would like to increase their skills at identifying sandpipers, plovers, godwits, phalaropes, dowitchers, and other shorebirds.

Shorebirds are a fascinating and varied group of birds, with many interesting identification issues. Some undertake spectacular long-distance migrations (Hudsonian Godwits embark on a 6,000 mile migration which frequently includes stops in Texas). When suitable habitat is available, Central Texas can be an excellent place to study birds at their migration stopovers.

Jeff teaches the popular TAS class on Birdsongs and Eric grew up on the coast and is an active member of the TAS field trip committee. Both have been birding most of their lives and this will be their fifth year to teach the shorebird class.

Class lectures will take place from 4:00 to 6:30 pm on Sundays July 30, August 6 and August 13 at Hornsby Bend, followed by a short evening field trip to the Hornsby Bend ponds till about 8:00pm. The class will culminate in a trip to the Central Texas coast on the weekend of August 25-27. Since class occurs from 4-8pm, students are encouraged to bring their picnic dinners.

The tuition is $75 for TAS members and $85 for non-members. For those who go on the coast trip, there will be an additional fee of $45 to partially cover the leaders’ trip expenses.

A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 people can attend the coastal field trip. For more information, contact Cindy Cannon at If you have taken the class before and want to go on the field trip to the Coastal Bend only, contact Cindy Cannon to be put on a waiting list in case there is space available.

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Class Schedule:

Class 1 + field trip – Sunday, July 30, 4:00-8:00pm

Class 2 + field trip – Sunday, August 6, 4:00-8:00pm

Class 3 + field trip – Sunday, August 13, 4:00-8:00pm

Weekend field trip to Corpus Christi and vicinity – August 25-27, starts 5:00pm in Corpus on Friday, ends 12:00noon in Corpus on Sunday.