South Llano State Park Field Trip Led by Terry Banks

7:00 AM – Late Afternoon

Note: Registration is required. Limited to 12 participants.

Continuing with Travis Audubon State Park series, we are pleased to feature South Llano State Park as April’s state Park.

South Llano State Park is one of Texas’s best parks for birding.  It is located approximately 150 miles south of Austin, 5.5 miles from Junction Texas.    This lovely 507- acre park is situated in the valley of the Llano River and has forests of pecans, elms, oak and sycamores. The park has 4 well-stocked bird blinds with water features, and hosts such birds as the Rio Grande subspecies of Wild Turkey, Golden Cheeked Warbler, Painted Bunting, Black-throated Sparrow, Verdin, Black Phoebe, Green Kingfisher, Zone-tailed Hawk and many others.

Since this park is several hours away from Austin, the leader of this field trip, Terry Banks, plans to overnight in Junction.  Participants of this trip may choose to drive directly from Austin during the day of the field trip, but an overnight stay would probably be more pleasant and is recommended.  Details of trip plans will be communicated to field trip participants about two weeks before the trip.  For questions please email Terry Banks @  You will not regret visiting this wonderful park!

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