Speaker Series: eBird and the Macaulay Library: Pushing the Frontier in Biodiversity Knowledge

Doors open at 6:30 PM, Talk starts at 7:00 PM

eBird is the world’s largest biodiversity-related citizen science project, with more than 100 million bird sightings contributed each year. The Macaulay Library manages media uploaded to eBird, and is the world’s premier scientific archive of natural history with ~10 million assets, including sound recordings, photos, and video.  How are we using this incredible repository of data to serve the birding community, research, and conservation?  Come learn about the new tools we are building that will make you a better birder, new ways you can participate, and how this will support the next generation of research and conservation efforts.

Cullen Hanks grew up in Texas with a love for natural history and outdoor adventure. As a teenager he connected with the birding community, which provided the framework that has defined his career. Cullen earned a BA in biology from Cornell University and a Master’s in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin where he researched the economics of the parrot trade and conservation. At the Macaulay Library, Cullen manages several projects involving data collection and media curation. He also works on projects that tap into the contribution of different naturalist communities.