Virtual World Swift Day 2021

8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Join Sanctuary Stewards Georgean and Paul Kyle for a special virtual event live from Chaetura Canyon on World Swift Day!  Learn more about the Kyles’ legacy and the amazing birds to which they have dedicated their lives.

Registration is $50 (all goes to Chaetura Canyon management) and is limited to 20 people. This event will take place via Zoom Web Conferencing. Since the annual Chalupas and Chimney Swifts fundraiser was cancelled again this year for safety reasons, your participation in this event is vital to the proper maintenance of this beautiful natural space.

If current health trends continue, Travis Audubon and the Kyles hope to be able reopen Chaetura Canyon for in person events in the fall.

Registrants will be mailed a copy of Anne Donovan’s children’s book, “The Adventures of a Chimney Swift Family” which is beautifully illustrated by Georgean.  Meeting credentials will be emailed to registrants prior to event.