Wild Weekday at Reimer’s Ranch

7:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Join us on Monday, October 28th to Bird and explore Milton Reimer’s
Ranch.  This lovely Travis County Park is located off Hamilton Pool
Road. It has about 3 miles of hiking trails along the Pedernales River,
and other trails meandering through some typical Texas Live
Oak/Scrub/semi-arid habitat.  Typical birds here at this time of year
are Canyon, Carolina and Bewicks wrens, Lesser Goldfinches, Northern
Cardinals, Black Capped Titmice, Carolina Chickadees, Rufous Crowned
Sparrows, Lark Sparrows, Field Sparrows, Great Blue Herons and others.
Several species of raptors are possible.  If we are lucky we may see a
kettle of migrating hawks, shorebird or two traveling along the
Pedernales, even a flock of Sandhill Cranes. One never knows what they
are going to see – what surprises may suddenly appear.

The real draw of Reimer’s Ranch is its absolute beauty.  It is peaceful
and quiet and hard to believe it is close to the bustling city of
Austin.  You can view the Pedernales from a cliff up high, or a walk
along the river; the park has a timeless, wide open feel to it.

Meeting time will be about 7:00 and we will bird until about noon. If
you plan to hike it is of moderate difficulty, but a person could just
sit on a bench and listen to birdsong, and wait for the rest of the
group to have lunch. Registration required. Limit 12 participants.

Questions? Contact Terry Banks at 55bluebirds@att.net

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