Wild Weekday: Lake Georgetown

8:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Come explore the Cedar Hollow area of Lake Georgetown. Lake Georgetown is north of Austin just west of Georgetown. The oak-juniper woodland and open scrublands adjacent to the lake can host birds characteristic of the Hill Country like resident Canyon Wrens and Rufous-crowned Sparrows. In addition to typical wintering songbirds and sparrows, wintering species of more western affinity such as Huttons Vireo, Bushtit, Green-tailed Towhee, and Pyrrhuloxia could be possible. There is always a chance of an interesting waterbird on the lake too, such as Common Loon, mergansers, scoters, or Bonapartes Gull. Note: while a scope could be useful, it might also be unwieldy to carry it on the trails. We will only be hiking an approximately 1 mile loop trail. The trail is dirt with exposed rocks and tree roots and has a few moderate inclines. It can be slippery in spots dependent on recent weather. Proper (closed toe/closed heel) footwear for these trail conditions is recommended. The trail is narrow in spots and vegetation off trail can be prickly and thorny.

We will meet at the hiking trail access point at the end of West Lake Parkway.

To get to West Lake Parkway, take Cedar Hollow Road off of Highway 29, take a right onto Waycross Drive, then take a left onto Lost River Rd, then take a left onto West Lake Parkway. Follow Lost River Drive to its end. There are no restrooms on site.

This walk will be led by Rich Kostecke. All birding levels welcome. Registration is required, and further details will be provided to registrants prior to the day of the trip. Limited to 10 registrants. Please contact Rich Kostecke (rkost73@yahoo.com) if you have any questions.