World Shorebirds Day

Take the long way home and drop by Hornsby Bend from 6:00 -7:30 PM on September 6, to celebrate our wonderful long-distance shorebird migrants. Although peak shorebird migration will have passed, there may be some surprises that just drop in for the night. Past early-September records include Ruddy Turnstone, Black–bellied Plover and Red Knot!

This field trip will be very informal. If you can carpool from the Center for Environmental Research, please do. Some experienced birders will be on hand to help you separate various sandpipers. Bring your scope if you have one. No registration required. Questions? Contact Jane Tillman at 512-771-1577. If you aren’t familiar with the Hornsby Bend facility, please click here for a site map. Depending on conditions, we will bird Pond 1 West or the drying beds.

This is a free event. Please consider making a donation to support our programming!