Below is a list of Austin area parks that are accessible to those with disabilities. A downloadable map will be available soon! List courtesy of Travis Audubon Board Member Virginia Rose.

  1. Barkley Meadows
  2. Berry Springs
  3. Big Webberville (portions)
  4. Blanco State Park
  5. Botanical Gardens
  6. Brushy Creek/Champions Park
  7. Commons Ford/Platt Ln. (portions)
  8. Doeskin Ranch (portions)
  9. Harris (Eastwoods)Park
  10. Hornsby (portions)
  11. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (portions)
  12. Lake Creek Trail (Braes Valley/ Broadmede)
  13. Lake Creek Trail (Parmer Rd.)
  14. McKinney Falls Park
  15. Mayfield Park
  16. Mary Moore Seawright (portions)
  17. Mueller
  18. Mills Pond
  19. Nick Dawson Park (off S. Mopac on the way to LBJ Wildflower)
  20. Northeast Metro Park
  21. Northern Walnut Creek Trail (at Walnut Creek Park on Palmer)
  22. Northwest Park (Beverly Sheffield) (portions)
  23. Palmetto State Park
  24. Pedernales State Park (portions)
  25. Riata (portions)
  26. Richard Moya
  27. Roy Guerrero (portions)
  28. San Gabriel Riverwalk
  29. Shin Oak Observation Deck
  30. Southern Walnut Creek Trail (entrances at YMCA, Loyola lane, Jain Lane, Govalle park)
  31. Sunset Deck at Balcones Canyonlands Wildlife Refuge
  32. Townlake Trail at 2200 Lakeshore Blvd.
  33. Warbler Woods (portions)
  34. Windermere