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Birds and Business

In Texas, now more than ever, there is a growing awareness of environmental issues and consequences. Eighty-five (85) percent of Texans agree conservation of Texas’ natural areas is a core Lone Star value, “unless we protect Texas’ natural areas, we will lose the very things that makes Texas a special place in which to live.” In this same study, 81% of Texans feel as Texas’ population grows and becomes a more urban state, there is an increased need for recreation lands and conservation programs (Hill Research Consultants, Texas Statewide Voter Opinion Survey, January 2013).

In this era of environmental awareness, it is vital for businesses to demonstrate a commitment to conservation. According to the Cone Consumer Environmental Survey (2009), “…consumers continue to be interested in the environment and mindful of corporate efforts….”

The Cone/Roper Cause Related Trends Report recommends businesses enhance their environmental reputation by supporting conservation organizations through funding projects, making donations, and becoming corporate members.

Travis Audubon invites you to join its Birds & Business Partnership as a simple first step in helping conserve natural resources for Texas’ future.


Why Partner with Travis Audubon?

When you become a member of Travis Audubon’s Birds & Business Partnership, you:

Play a vital role in securing a sustainable, productive environment for future generations of humans and wildlife alike.

Affiliate with a well-respected, established organization. Travis Audubon, a non-profit founded in 1952, is a strong leader in the land and water conservation movement sweeping Texas and the nation. The organization serves a four-county region surrounding the city of Austin and has an annual reach of nearly 432,000 citizens. Travis Audubon owns and manages three ecologically unique wildlife sanctuaries totaling over 700 acres.

Create a positive environmental reputation by supporting Travis Audubon’s collaborative efforts with individuals, organizations, corporations, and governments in enhancing the quality of life for people, birds, and other wildlife throughout the Texas Hill Country.

Provide your employees opportunities to volunteer for nature conservation activities or take part in education and recreation programs. Travis Audubon engages people through recreational birding, expands their horizons through education programs, and involves them in conservation actions from planting trees and counting birds to working with local, state, and national policy makers.