Community Outreach Talks

Travis Audubon’s Speakers Bureau is available to speak to your club or organization about birds and bird-related topics. Our speakers are Master Birders and are able to customize a talk for your group.

Talks are typically 45 minutes with additional time for questions. Our volunteers are available for either in-person or virtual talks. There is no fee required, but we do ask that your club or organization consider making a donation to Travis Audubon Society

If you would like to request a speaker, please contact us at

Popular talks are listed below:

Birds of the Austin Area
Enjoy learning about the diversity of birds that call Austin home, or that pass through during migration. Austin is situated on the Central Flyway for migratory birds, and has a diversity of species from ducks to shorebirds, in addition to typical backyard birds like chickadees and woodpeckers.

Backyard Birds of Austin
Do you enjoy seeing birds in your backyard and neighborhood? Would you like to know more about them? Get some tips on how to identify different species and the tools that will help make it easier.

Put out the Welcome Mat for Backyard Birds
What is a bird looking for, when it decides your yard is a good place for a drop-in visit or long-term stay? Just like humans, birds need food, water, shelter and places to raise young safely, to thrive. Learn how to attract a diversity of expected backyard species, using native plants, water features, supplemental feeders, and nestboxes.  Your yard will come alive with bird song and activity!

Gardening for Birds with Native Plants
Do you want to attract more birds to your yard or neighborhood greenbelt? In this talk you will find out how native plants help birds, and get acquainted with several easy to grow native plants that appeal to birds and other wildlife.

Austin has two regularly occurring species that spend the summer with us, but did you know there are a few that winter here too? Learn more about this fascinating group of birds and what you can do to help them thrive.

Ducks and Wading Birds
Have you ever visited a local lake and wondered what ducks and wading birds you are seeing? Have you noticed that the number and diversity of species changes throughout the year? Ducks and herons are big and easier to see than songbirds, and identifying them on your own can be satisfying and fun. Some birds that look like ducks, but aren’t ducks, will be included.

Owls of Central Texas
This talk explores some of the cultural associations we have with owls, followed by stories and facts about our regularly-occurring central Texas owls.

Marvels of Migration
Many birds that pass through Austin are flying long distances to their breeding and wintering grounds. Learn more about these avian athletes, and ways to help them on their way.

Where to Go Birding in Austin
Find out the best birding hotspots in the Austin area, and the birds you can expect to see there.  The Austin area – from Hill Country on its western side to former Blackland prairie on the east, along with its creeks, lakes, ponds, and the solid waste treatment plant – provides habitats for an amazing diversity of birds. If you have ever wondered where to see an endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler or colorful Painted Bunting this talk is for you.