Field Trips Committee

Coordinator: Dennis Palafox


The Field Trip Committee (FTC) is made up of TAS members who are passionate about the diversity of nature and believe that getting out and birding is the best way to “inspire conservation through birding”. The FTC welcomes new committee members or guests at our bi-monthly dinner meeting and appreciates hearing suggestions for field trips from the TAS membership.

Meeting Info: The FTC meets every other month at a local dining establishment (guests are welcome).  Contact Dennis Palafox at for more information.

The FTC is dedicated to providing diverse and interesting field trips in a variety of formats.  Day trips occur in and around Austin almost every weekend.  Out-of-town excursions also occur multiple weekends throughout the year.  The 2-hour Wild Weekday field trip series continues to be popular for those birders who can who can attend.  The Beginner’s Bird Walk series is offered on the first weekend of most months.  There are also monthly trips to State Parks.  The committee also supports the monthly counts and organizes the monthly walks at Hornsby Bend.

Field Trip announcements     Field trip announcements are posted on the website and TAS calendar.  Additionally, they are included in frequent email blasts.  Field trips are open to TAS members and non-members alike. To manage potentially popular trips, registration is required for some field trips, while for others it is not necessary. Current information on field trips can be found by clicking on the following link:

The FTC would like to offer more field trips to interested members and the general public. However, our ambition sometimes outstrips the available resources; therefore we are actively seeking new trip leaders, co-leaders, and other people to help with field trip logistics and other tasks. It is not necessary for field trip leaders to be expert birders and the FTC will provide training for those interested in being field trip leaders.   Membership on the FTC is not required to lead field trips for Travis Audubon.

Current FTC members and their areas of responsibility include:

Dennis Palafox –  FTC Chair, FTC Coordinator for Weekend and Out-of-town Field Trips, and field trip leader for Hornsby Bend.

Jeff Patterson – FTC Chair Emeritus, FTC Coordinator for Weekend and Out-of-town Field Trips.

Virginia Rose – FTC Coordinator for Birdability field trips where physically challenged people can bird and explore nature.

Terry Banks – Field trip leader for week day and week end field trips.

Judith Bailey – FTC Coordinator for Beginner’s Bird Walks, and field trip leader for Hornsby Bend.

Eric Stager – Field Trip Coordinator for Hornsby Bend Walks, Upper Texas Coast and East Texas field trips, and website liaison.

Jane Tillman – Field trip leader for week day and Out-of-town Field Trips.

George Kerr – Field trip leader for Beginner’s Bird Walks, weekend field trips, Hornsby Bend, and other field trips

Jean Martin – Field Trip Coordinator for monthly field trips to State Parks.  Field trip leader for weekend field trips.

Deb and Lee Wallace – Field Trip Coordinators for Balcones Canyon Lands Walks and Commons Ford, and other weekend field trips. Field trip leader for week day field trips.

Celeste Treadway – Field Trip Coordinator for Week Day Field Trips.  Field trip leader for weekend field trips.

Amy Sugeno – Field Trip Coordinator for Mindful Birding field trips.  Field trip leader for week day and weekend field trips.

Cinda Crosley – Field trip leader for weekend field trips.

Lino Mendiola – Field trip leader for weekend field trips.

Justin Bosler – Field trip leader for weekend and out of town field trips.

Bertrand Piboin – Member at Large