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Saturday, December 15, all day

Join us on Saturday, December 15th, for the annual Austin Christmas Bird Count (CBC). The Christmas Bird Count is the longest running wildlife census in the world and provides critical data on bird population trends and movements. The Austin CBC is sponsored by the Travis Audubon Habitat Conservation Committee. The CBC circle is centered on McKinney Falls State Park and basically covers southeast Austin (see the map on our website). We need many birders of all skill levels to adequately survey the birds in the circle area to find all of the expected species and the rare species visiting the area. We would especially like to have some feeder watchers this year, so if you live within the circle and have bird feeders, please participate.

For more information about CBC’s in general, see For more specific information about the Austin CBC including a map showing the count circle, go to Email Shelia Hargis and Laurie Foss at with questions or to register. Thank you for participating in this important citizen-science project!

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