Book Review: ABC’s by Birds

ABC’s By Birds describes a wide variety of bird species, as well as lists the different habitats they live in and unique facts about each bird. The youngsters in your lives will surely learn something new after reading this alphabetical picture book.

The true highlight of this book are the many lovely photos of birds (all taken by one of the authors!) which also show a peek into their surrounding environments. Each page includes a short description with tidbits like where the bird lives, special features of their appearance, and the food they eat.  The real-life images really enhance the experience of reading about these birds. Children will have fun looking up-close at these photos and drawing comparisons between the pages!

For children who are old enough to spark their interest in birding, this would be a great resource to practice bird identification skills: learning the different parts of bird anatomy, groups of birds and their shared characteristics, and where in nature you might find certain birds. Kids love learning fun facts and knowledge they can share with others, and this book is great for that!

ABC’s by Birds could also encourage some fun art projects, from getting inspiration to take your own bird photos (maybe even filling up your own alphabet book!), to sketching birds found in your neighborhood, to continuing the story of the birds listed in the book. There are countless activities that could be paired with reading for extra fun! The authors even included a “Create your own bird” prompt at the end of the book which is an excellent opportunity for children to use their imagination and creativity, as well as implement some of the things they learn while reading ABC’s by Birds. Purchase a copy online!

Author Jaya Ramanathan regularly contributes her writing skills to Travis Audubon’s online blog, and author Sarita Yeola is a talented photographer who has lent some of her photos to the blog as well. This dynamic duo deserves recognition for creating this educational children’s book, and we look forward to hearing more from their birding adventures in the future!