Commons Ford Walk with Council Member Jimmy Flannigan

By Judith Allen, TAS Staff

Commons Ford Metropolitan Park, a much-loved oasis for birds and people alike, lies within District 6. We were delighted to host Council Member Jimmy Flannigan and two members of his staff for a blue-skies morning birdwalk at the beloved Commons Ford on Thursday, March 5. We started off the walk in awe as we gazed upon three majestic Great Blue Herons roosting in their nests along the river.

Two Great Blue Herons roosting at Commons Ford. Photo taken by Shelia Hargis

Members of the Commons Ford Prairie Restoration Committee talked about the restoration efforts to encourage native plants, birds, and other wildlife at the prairie throughout the years. More information on the details of what this restoration has entailed can be found in the Commons Ford Prairie Restoration document. We are so grateful for the efforts that have gone into restoring native species to this land, the birds and wildlife that have benefitted from these efforts, and the people who get to enjoy the fruits of what this conservation project has produced.

A morning view of the native vegetation at the Commons Ford prairie. Photo taken by Shelia Hargis

We spent some time at “Rusty’s Perch,” the bird blind just off the trail. We also introduced our guests to a dear resident of Commons Ford, a Great Horned Owl nesting in one of the massive pecan trees along the trail.

A Great Horned Owl Photo taken by Shelia Hargis

We are so grateful to Council Member Jimmy Flannigan, Lizzy Carol, and Frankie for taking the time to experience the feathered residents, conservation efforts, and crisp morning air at Commons Ford with us. Such a beautiful “bluebird morning” never fails to inspire the human heart about the importance of conservation of the natural world!

A glimpse of an Eastern Bluebird enjoying the morning air and spring sunshine at Commons Ford. Photo taken by Shelia Hargis

Lizzy Carol, Nicole Netherton, Jimmy Flannigan, Judith Allen, Shelia Hargis, Janice Sturrock, and Ellen Filtness at Commons Ford. Photo taken by Andy Filtness