Singing High Praises for a Wonderful Life


This limited-edition, signed print was designed, created, and hand-colored by Georgean Kyle in honor of the late Greg Lasley, the recipient of the 2021 Victor Emanuel Conservation Award. PLEASE NOTE: each print is unframed and 11″ x 17″. 100% of the funds raised from this auction will be dedicated to the maintenance of Travis Audubon’s Chaetura Canyon Sanctuary.

Greg Lasley was a Naturalist’s Naturalist. Whether it was plants, insects, amphibians, reptiles, mammals or birds, he knew and understood them all. His amazing ability to capture nature with his camera and willingness to share his knowledge with the rest of us is legendary. His book _Greg Lasley’s Texas Wildlife Portraits_ barely scratches the surface of his body of work. It was this book that gave me the inspiration for this illustration.

My work is a composite of several of Greg’s photos with the singing male Painted Bunting perched on the insect galls on a Shin Oak. Of course, any tribute to Greg would need to include a Dragonfly – pictured here a Flame Skimmer.

Each one of this signed and numbered limited edition of 35 prints is hand-painted. I hope it reminds you of Greg and his Wonderful Life.

Georgean Z. Kyle


Texas state and local sales and use tax is included in the sales price.

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