Purple Martin Parties

2018 Dates: July 20-21, July 27-28, August 3-4
Location: Behind Applebee’s and near the Sam’s Club parking lot at La Frontera Village in Round Rock

Friday and Saturday nights, 7:45 – 8:45 pm, FREE

Watch an acrobatic hurricane of birds as hundreds of thousands of Purple Martins “swirl” in the skies in and around the roosting site each evening. It’s better than the bats! Binoculars are optional. Lawn chairs, picnic blankets, cameras, and hats are highly recommended! This is a free event. Please consider making a donation to support our programming!

Please park in the Sam’s parking lot or the bank parking lot behind the Applebee’s. We encourage you to eat and shop at the surrounding businesses before the party starts!

Read and download our purple martin brochure here!

Check out and download our purple martin display here!


Photo Credit: Jeff Whitlock. For additional information see: Purple Martins at Highland Mall (TPWD), Purple Martin Land Lords (TPWD), Purple Martin Conservation Association’s website & Purple Martin web page

T-shirts, stickers and buttons available for purchase at the Purple Martin Parties!

Can’t make it to the parties, but still want a shirt? Buy one in our online store here!