A Day of Accessible Birding with Birdability

Virginia Rose’s Birdathon event, Birdability, was a great success! During her day of birding, she saw 51 species of birds, visited five accessible parks, and wheeled ten miles. Congratulations, Virginia!

Here is her report:

“My Birdathon was so great! I began at Berry Springs at 7:30 a.m. with a Red-tailed Hawk. I fielded calls and texts from two reporters with National Audubon who were going to meet me on the trail. I picked up 35 birds at Berry Springs and headed for Windermere in Pflugerville where I picked up four more bird species. I headed for Richard Moya where Mike, the National Audubon photojournalist, awaited. He had just flown in from New York and ubered to Richard Moya. Mike started filming, we ate lunch, and began birding. I added two new birds to my species list. I coordinated a meet up with Tom, another National Audubon reporter, at my fourth park, Lake Creek Trail, with Mike and his camera in tow. We picked up 9 new bird species there. Tom departed, and between parks number four and five, Mike wanted to film my native garden. Apparently, it is the new focus of Nat’l Audubon as a way to protect birds at the local level. He went crazy in my yard, filmed every native plant as I narrated. Then about 7:15 p.m., we went to Beverly Sheffield Northwest Park, and it was so perfect! I’d told him a story about the green heron there, and he SHOWED up as if cued. And then as the last light was fading at 8:00, a Common Nighthawk called and a minute later wheeled in the sky above us. The whole day was like that. First bird 7:30 am. I got 51 birds and wheeled 10 miles through 5 accessible parks. I am very happy. Thanks for your support!”

You can support Virginia’s Travis Audubon Birdathon effort at her Birdathon Page.

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