A Life with Birds: Victor Emanuel Presents His Memoir

Mrs. Laura Bush and Stephen Harrigan joined Travis Audubon on May 31 to help celebrate the launch of Victor Emanuel’s memoir One More Warbler.

A sold-out crowd stood on tip-toes and crouched on steps for the chance to hear stories from Victor’s journey as a globe-trekking birder. Encouraged by thoughtful questions from noted author Stephen Harrigan, Victor shared his classic wisdom about the natural world: “The thing about nature, you never go out and come back empty handed if you have the right attitude.”

Mrs. Bush opened the event with inspirational remarks about her own time with Victor and appreciation for Texas wildlife: “Like any great observer of life, Victor inspires you to explore and experience the world around you in new ways and to celebrate its mysterious and wondrous beauty…Conservation can become a part of our daily lives. It has become part of mine — thanks in part to Victor.”

The book launch was sponsored by Travis Audubon and University of Texas Press. One More Warbler is available for sale through the Travis Audubon online store. Click here to order your copy.

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