A Note from the Executive Director

Dear Travis Audubon Members and Friends,

Spring is my favorite time in Central Texas— outrageous sunsets, explosions of irises, the light-jackets-needed forecasts (sometimes), and the birds!  My work at Travis Audubon keeps me at my desk most of the time, but I try to find moments, especially during the spring, to be outside. It helps me reprioritize, breathe more deeply, feel the restorative effects of walking around in the fresh air, but most importantly, remember and appreciate why we do our conservation work.

Two recent experiences highlight this for me: A couple weeks ago, I was able to observe Golden-cheeked Warbler banding on the BCP and I participated in the Master Birder Birdathon at High Island. The male GCWA who flew in the net was as handsome as they come and received some pastel bands perfect for the season.  And while at the coast, we had amazing views of a Fork-tailed Flycatcher and a couple of wayward Whooping Cranes in a rice field, even catching them in flight! What I love about both of these experiences is that I get to enjoy the beauty of birds and their habitats with great people who I might not know except through our organization. I just celebrated my first year on staff at Travis Audubon and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have landed here. The birds are pretty great, I’ll admit, but the people might be even better.

So here’s to more restorative time outside, and with all of you!

Nicole Netherton
Executive Director
Travis Audubon

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