Access Restrictions at Hornsby Bend Beginning in March

Attention, birders! Construction for the Side Stream Plant at the Hornsby Bend ponds has been approved to begin March 11.

The construction company will be installing fencing around their construction site, and the cable gates on the pond roads will be closed to limit vehicle access for safety.

People will be able to walk beyond the vehicle gates along the pond roads up to the construction fencing.

This construction project will run through 2019 into 2020, and so these are long-term road closures.

Mar 25 Monday 6:30pm-8pm at the CER
Hornsby Bend Stakeholder Public Meeting

Anyone interested in the future of the Hornsby Bend facility are encouraged to attend.
– Update on tree removal project
– Overview of upcoming construction projects at Hornsby Bend that will impact public access to parts of the treatment ponds

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