Another Great Mediterranean Feast Takes Flight

By: Sarah Ruiz, Sanctuary Docent

On Saturday, September 7th, Travis Audubon’s Chaetura Canyon bird and nature sanctuary welcomed 30 guests to the 12th annual Mediterranean Feast.  Sanctuary Steward Georgean Kyle served up an incredible array of her delicious appetizers, dishes and desserts.  Guests enjoyed drinks and conversation on the patio, and several opted to take self-guided hikes through the sanctuary and see the spectacular Windows on Nature viewing station.

While the food was incredible, the Chimney Swifts were the true stars of the show, as they always are.  Shortly after sunset, the crowd headed to the sanctuary’s castle tower and watched with delight as over 180 Chimney Swifts sailed and circled through the air before settling into the tower for the night. Since most events at the sanctuary involve watching the birds from the house patio, seeing them from this new angle was extra wonderful for the guests who attend the fundraising dinner every year.  Plus, the many newcomers in the group were clearly awed and enchanted by watching the little birds perform their aerial acrobatics.

“We want to thank everyone who came to the Mediterranean Feast and supported the birds,” said co-steward Paul Kyle.  “While we were surprised that the swifts decided to roost in the castle instead of the house this year, we were happy they gave people the chance to witness how fascinating they are in person and demonstrate how important it is to conserve and provide homes for these incredible creatures.”

The 2019 Mediterranean Feast raised over $2400 for Chaetura Canyon, which will go toward care and maintenance of the property.   Additional donations are always welcome, and there are several ways to support Chaetura Canyon directly.  The three main funds are the Maintenance Fund to cover yearly expenses, the Chaetura Canyon Endowment Fund to care for the Sanctuary into the future, and the Land Acquisition Fund to expand the Sanctuary as additional property becomes available. The Donor Brick program also benefits the Land Acquisition Fund.

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