Bird TV!

Over the next week, KLRU will broadcast five exciting avian themed documentaries! Click on the paragraphs below to learn about each program. A big thanks to Travis Audubon member Laura Legett for bringing these shows to our attention!

  1. A SUMMER OF BIRDS details the formative summer John James Audubon spent in Louisiana in 1821, in the lush surroundings of Oakley Plantation in West Feliciana Parish. There, Audubon began half of the 435 pictures in his famous “Birds of America” collection.


  1. The SECRET ROUTES OF MIGRATORY BIRDS is the story of Christian Moullec, filmmaker and birder. Christian leads a group of young geese on their first ever migration in an attempt to discover why fewer birds are making the pilgrimage.


  1. BEAK AND BRAIN: GENIUS BIRDS FROM DOWN UNDER is a memorable hour-long documentary investigating two of the cleverest creatures in animal kingdom: the humorous, agile keas of New Zealand and the steadfast, patient crows of New Caledonia.


  1. THE CONDOR’S SHADOW highlights the ongoing work of reestablishing the nearly extinct California condor in its natural habitat. The film features a bold and feisty condor named Pitahsi and larger-than-life U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service biologist Joseph Brandt.


  1. AUDUBON is a one-hour documentary that explores the extraordinary figure of John James Audubon. The program features interviews with the foremost authorities on the man, experts on his art, and scholars of his science to put his work in a modern perspective.

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