Birdathon 2020 Photography Contest Winners Revealed

Thank you to everyone who submitted their work to our first ever Birdathon Photography Contest!

We received 45 submissions, and our judges Nora Chovanec (TAS Graphic Designer) and Brad James (Master Birder and Photographer) had the task of scoring the photos based on the following criteria:
Technical: Focus, Exposure, Lighting, Print Quality
Subject: Creative Use of Subject, Composition, Impact, Uniqueness

Here are the Top 5 Photos:

1st Place:

Yellow-crowned Night-heron by Katherine Daniels

2nd Place:

Green Heron by Alex Moreland

3rd Place:

American Robin by Kevin O’Reilly

4th Place:

Great Horned Owlets by Stephen McKee

5th Place:

White-winged Dove by Celeste Treadway