Birdathon 2020: The Results Are In!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Birdathon this year! Despite the unusual circumstances, eight teams participated in a safe and socially distanced Birdathon that will go down in history as the first to occur with the (sort of) changing leaves of fall.

Here are the results of this year’s competition:

  • Most bird species (half day): Phoebe Friends (86 species)
  • Most bird species (full day): Gone Pishing (107 species)
  • Most Funds Raised: Gone Pishing ($3,576)
  • Reveling in Raptors: Gone Pishing (14 species)
  • Neatest Non-bird: Hershey Ranch Birders (Axis Deer)
  • Rarest Bird: Fisher Hollow Goldies (Spotted Towhee)
  • Most Mockingbirds: County Vagrants (42)
  • Best Story: Phoebe Friends (Team Member Virginia saw a Cooper’s Hawk with a White-winged Dove in its talons!
  • Most Creative Team Name: Prairie Chicks
  • Rookie of the Year: Falcon Junior
  • Coolest Mask: Fabulous Baker Birders Team Member Beverly with her bee mask:

Regardless of the competition outcomes, everyone who competed, donated, or supported our strange little Birdathon this year are winners. The Travis Audubon team is grateful for you all!

Featured Image: Gone Pishing (East group)