Birdathon 2021 Photography Contest Winners Revealed

Thank you to everyone who submitted their work this year’s Birdathon Photography Contest!

We received a record breaking number of submissions – nearly 200 photos – and our judges Nora Chovanec (Travis Audubon Design Director) and Christina Snitkin (Master Birder and Photographer) scored the photos based on the following criteria:
Technical: Focus, Exposure, Lighting, Print Quality
Subject: Creative Use of Subject, Composition, Impact, Uniqueness

Here are the winners:

5th Place:

Yellow Warbler by Terry Banks

4th Place:

Indigo Bunting by Stephen Kierniesky

3rd Place:

Greater Roadrunner by Alison Stokes

2nd Place (Tied):

Mississippi Kite by Charles Tolliver

Great Horned Owlets by Katherine Daniels

1st Place:

Ruddy Turnstone by Mariela Rodriguez