Birding with the Next Generation at Roy Guerrero Park

By: Michael Jewell, Travis Audubon Master Birder

Janel Nye and I had a wonderful opportunity to lead some home schooled kids, ages one through eight, with their mothers on a bird/nature hike. We are always amazed at the knowledge of young birders and these were no different; they knew their backyard birds very well.

Some were equipped with their own binoculars. One had his own Birds of Central Texas foldout and after seeing the birds would find it and point it out for everyone– I think Janel and I are being phased out. His little brother brought along his Sharks of the Ocean foldout, the first one I had ever seen on a bird walk, but I told him I appreciated his optimism.

Highlights of the not very birdy walk were: Northern Cardinals, Eastern Phoebes, Cedar Waxwings, American Crow, Red-shouldered Hawk, Turkey and Black Vultures, Leaf Cutter Ants, and around sixteen White-tailed Deer. It was a really nice group of people that made it a great day to be out in nature looking for birds or anything which might happen by.

Being goofy!

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