Blair Woods After School Program Back in Session

Last week marked the beginning of the spring session for the Blair Woods After School Program! In partnership with Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center and with the support of Dell Medical School, students from Sims and Ortega Elementary Schools come to Blair Woods Sanctuary once a week and experience nature through hikes and activities. Westcave’s Laura Weinel leads the program while Travis Audubon volunteers facilitate learning.

For the first week, students learned about Andy Goldsworthy, a British artist who creates entire works of art using materials from nature. Once the works are complete, he takes pictures by which to remember them and then lets them “return to nature.” With totes in hand, students hiked the trails of Blair Woods, collecting items to use on their own works of art while learning about the various sights and sounds around them with the help of the volunteers.

Once collecting was through, students got to work on their own Goldsworthy-inspired masterpieces:

The addition of a three-pronged stick made this a dynamic piece.

The student who made this masterpiece said that the heart represented her love for nature.

An interesting rock was the focal point for this creation.

The boys in the group decided to go all-out, constructing a large piece with sticks of all sizes.





















The first week of programming was a great success, and both students and volunteers cannot wait for the coming weeks! Tune in to the blog for more updates on the Blair Woods After School Program.








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