Commons Ford Committee to Launch New Bird Survey

Eastern Phoebe, Commons Ford

The Travis Audubon Commons Ford Prairie Committee has been busy with many things, some long-standing projects like completing the prairie restoration and some new projects. One of our new projects is a quarterly bird survey of the entire park.

Many people bird Commons Ford, but most focus on the prairie and the woodland areas west of the creek and north of the road. We completed two surveys to see if a more rigorous survey of the park would be beneficial. We believe it will be, so our first official survey will be January 20, starting at 7:00 am. We plan to start with quarterly surveys.

This survey will work like the Hornsby Bend survey. We’ll split into three teams, and each team will survey a specific area of the park. We’ll come back together afterwards and do a countdown to determine what was seen and/or heard. There will likely be some bragging about good birds found too.

If you enjoy birding Commons Ford, come join us for the survey! All skill levels are welcome to participate. Meet us in the parking lot behind the main house at 7:00 am. No registration is required, just show up. Contact Shelia Hargis at with any questions.

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