Commons Ford Update: February 2013

Here is the latest on the Commons Ford Prairie Restoration Project:

1. Prairie Bird Surveys. We have completed prairie bird surveys for winter 2012/13. Surveys are conducted along three 100 meter transects and all three transects are run on three different days throughout the winter. The survey team spreads out over 20 meters and then walks the 100 meter transect counting only birds landing in or flushing out of the transect.

The results were astonishing. We had a total of 10 species and 94 individual birds. The most eye-catching result is that Le Conte’s Sparrow, a sought-after sparrow by birders throughout the area, was not only the most seen sparrow, but was also the most seen species.

This is the first survey run after the initial planting (the first anniversary of which is this week). The results compare strikingly with the single individual (a lonely Sedge Wren) tallied on the pre-restoration surveys.

Thanks to our many volunteers who helped conduct these prairie bird surveys: Kenny Anderson, Maggie Burnett, Eric Carpenter, Leigh Jandle, Andrea Julian, George Kerr, Arman Moreno, Diane Sherrill, Dean Singleton, Ian Steusloff, Deb and Leigh Wallace and Gail Woods. We could not compile this important data without the commitment of our volunteers. We sincerely thank everyone for their time and effort.

2. Big Day in the Park/Wing Ding. Much remains to be done, however, if we are to have a sustainable prairie with continuing positive impact on birds and other wildlife. Please join us for the Big Day in the Park 2013 on April 7 in support of the project. We have plenty of bird and nature walks and other activities. Find details at www./ You can sign up for a walk or just come join us for a beautiful day in the park. Most importantly, please consider a tax-free pledge to the Wing Ding where we will be counting all birds seen and heard in the park on the Big Day. In fact, come help us count! You can make your pledge or find out further details by clicking on the link above.

Thanks for your continuing support.

Ed Fair
Commons Ford Prairie Restoration Organization