Commons Ford Update: July 2012 Part 2

Hello again,

Although we just sent our summer update, we wanted to follow up with some additional exciting information:

1. Photo Database. We have a new Flickr page for the Commons Ford Prairie Restoration Project. You can access the page at If you are interested in viewing a chronological history of the project including photos of the “prairie” taken before the restoration efforts began, we would suggest viewing slideshows of the sets in the order that the sets are listed on the right side of the main page.

A couple of points about the page. Please note that we are getting started by uploading some of the more identifiable species. We will continue to add to the database over time with additional photos of specific grasses and wildflowers. Photographers who visit the prairie can help us develop the database by sending us your photos for use on the page. Of course, you retain all rights in the photos, including the right to make any other use of them, and we will take them down at any point at your request.

While we do not expect to create an exhaustive database (and while there will certainly be some errors), we do believe that the database can serve an important informational and educational purpose. For example, teachers could use the database to help students identify species they may see on a field trip to the prairie. Additionally, the page can serve as a photo journal chronicling the history of the project. Finally, this will allow those who may not readily be able to visit the prairie the opportunity to experience the progress.

2. Rain. We have had over 8″ of rain on the prairie since last Monday. This is phenomenal. We are looking forward to seeing the impact from all the rain in the coming weeks and months. Upland Sandpipers are the next on the target list.

3. Birds. While we mentioned the increase in Mourning Doves in our summer update, a receipt visit to the park turning up 120+ Mourning Doves. This is over FOUR TIMES the number of this species reported on any visit to the park since 2001. Painted Bunting and Lesser Goldfinch numbers are also hovering at record highs.

4. Meeting and Mixer.
Look for details soon about a September meeting, mixer and prairie walk at the park. We hope you can join us.

Thanks again for your continuing support.

Ed Fair

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