Commons Ford Update: September 2011

A quick update regarding the Commons Ford Prairie Restoration Project:

1. TogetherGreen Innovation Grant. As noted in our last update, our organization is receiving a $15,000 grant from TogetherGreen which is a joint project between National Audubon Society and Toyota Foundation. Project co-founder, Stu Wilson, is presently attending the Innovation Grants Training Workshop at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV in connection with the grant. Information provided at the workshop, among other things, will assist us in further promoting the restoration project and involving the community in the results.

2. Removal of Invasive Plants. Unofficial observations indicate that the first round of treatment to remove the invasive plants in the field is having a positive effect. The site will continue to be monitored and a second treatment will likely be administered later this fall.

3. Seed Mix. Our intern, Andrea Julian, has conducted extensive research and presented a report detailing seed mixes which will most likely attract grassland bird species to the site. Her report will be very helpful in our final determination regarding the seed mixes.

4. Travis Audubon Society Field Trip. Stu Wilson and I will be leading a field trip at Commons Ford on Sunday morning, October 30. We expect to find newly arriving migrants and wintering sparrows among other species. Of course, the park allows offers opportunities for surprises, especially given that the prairie will have very short grass in it at best. We still have a few slots available so if you are interested in participating, please send me a note.

Thanks for your continued support.

Ed Fair

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