Letter to the Editor: Don’t Poison Native Wildlife

Carol Von Canon, Feral Hogs

The Texas Agriculture Department’s plan to poison wild roaming hogs needs to be stopped in its tracks before native wildlife falls victim to this lethal solution.

Travis Audubon acknowledges the expanding feral hog population has caused major headaches for farmers and homeowners alike. But using poison to eradicate this invasive species will start a deadly chain reaction. First, other mammals such as bears and raccoons will be attracted to the food cages erected to lure the hogs. Second, pieces of the poison pellets will be dispersed outside of food cages, thereby allowing other smaller mammals to scoop up the crumbs. Then consider the likelihood that carnivorous birds will dine on those smaller mammals and hogs. Do we really want to subject bald eagles and other raptors to such a horrible fate?

The commercial application of this poison is likely to be widespread, and the unintended impact extensive. The manufacturer needs to pull this plan until they can verify that large numbers of other animals will not be primary and secondary victims.

Travis Audubon opposes use of warfarin-laced Kaput as bait food for wild hogs and instead urges expanded opportunities for trapping and shooting.

Joan Marshall
Executive Director
Travis Audubon Society

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