Massive Robin Flocks in Austin

American Robin, Clyde Dexter
The past few weeks we’ve received many calls about large numbers of reddish hued birds flying around the eastern and north eastern parts of Austin. Some flocks consist of 10,000+ birds. You are likely seeing the American Robin. A popular bird, the American Robin can be been found year round, in most parts of the country. They enjoy both wild and developed environments. Many migrate, while some remain as permanent residents. Austin’s American Robins tend to be nomadic, and many move around the country in a roughly counterclockwise pattern. They’ll likely move east and then north from here and wind up back up north for nesting. While they are here, they move to and from roost and forage morning and evening, so it is not unusual to see movement in the same direction. The weather has been beastly up north, so perhaps this is pushing the greater numbers of Robins to our area. They’ll start to move north in a few weeks with declining numbers in March. A few will remain in the area throughout the summer.