Master Birders Graduate!

Travis Audubon graduated its first enthusiastic class of Master Birders last month! Thirty students explored the world of birds, bird anatomy and habitat through eight classroom sessions and a varied group of field trips including a visit to the Texas A & M skin collection.

Inspired by birds, our Master Birder Graduates are now ready to share their new knowledge and enthusiasm for nature through volunteer service in the coming year.

Congratulations to the 2016 Master Birder Class!

Beth Arnold
Judith Bailey
Linda Bouffard
Gus Cannon
Cindy Cannon
Frances Cerbins
Denise Dailey
Shelia Hargis
Wendy Harte
Mary Hoch
Sarah Jenevein
Michael Jewell
Barbara Keir
Shana King
Suzie McCann
Skip Mencio
Sherry Monier
Janel Nye
Dennis Palafox
Ruth Pelphrey
Estelle Powell
Stephanie Putnam
Amy Rice
Megan Riley
Kelley Sampeck
Courtney Schmoker
Allan Seils
Deborah Sharp
Jane Tillman
Birdie White


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