Nothing Ruins the Great Outdoors Like Lead Poisoning

WASHINGTON (March 2, 2017)—In response to Secretary Ryan Zinke’s move to overturn a ban on lead ammunition and fishing tackle in wildlife refuges, the National Audubon Society issued the following statement:

“Lead ammo kills birds long after being fired from a gun,” said Sarah Greenberger, Audubon’s VP of conservation. “Banning toxic ammunition and fishing tackle in wildlife refuges is necessary for their long term survival as well as our own safety.

“If Secretary Zinke has concerns with the process through which the lead ban was implemented, Audubon will work with him on any new effort to protect birds and the places they need, using the best available science.”

Discarded lead ammunition and fishing tackle stay in the environment long after use and pose a deadly threat to birds, wildlife and people. Scavengers like condors and vultures may ingest carrion contaminated by lead shot, which often results in lead poisoning and a painful death.

This article was originally published by National Audubon Society. Click here to read the original post.

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