Rare Bird Alert: Apr. 1-20

This is the Austin Area Rare Bird Alert.  Last update on 4/20/20.  Send interesting sightings, complete with species name, location, and contact information to Vincent O’Brien at vincentobrienbirds@gmail.com

Three WHOOPING CRANEs were photographed from the Temple area, Bell, 4/1.  And another pair was photographed at Mueller Greenway, Travis, 4/2.  All reported birds were seen in flight.
WHITE WAGTAIL continues and was last photographed at Roy Guerrero Park, Travis, 4/5.  Updates much appreciated!
A pair of HOODED MERGANSERs were photographed on a pond along CR349, Granger Lake area, Williamson, 4/5.
A raft of fourteen RED-BREASTED MERGANSERs were photographed from Friendship Park, Granger Lake, Williamson, 4/4.
COMMON PAURAQUE was recorded vocalizing at a private area from Lost Pines, Bastrop, 4/11.
VIRGINIA RAIL was photographed at Mueller Greenway along the edge of the wetland, Travis, 4/6.
A pair of SANDHILL CRANEs were photographed in flight from the north Austin area, Travis, 4/11.
A lone WHIMBREL was seen and photographed in flight at Friendship Park, Granger Lake, Williamson, 4/18.
A small group of HUDSONIAN GODWITs were photographed in flight at Belton Lake, Temple, Bell, 4/17.
A SANDERLING was photographed at Belton Lake, Temple, Bell, 4/17.
A solo BROWN PELICAN was photographed soaring near the dam at Granger Lake, Williamson, 4/18.
AMERICAN BITTERN was photographed among the reeds at the Mueller Greenway pond, Travis, 4/4.
ZONE-TAILED HAWK was photographed from the Sayersville Road area, Bastrop, 4/11.  And another adult hawk described from Old Ferry Road and Pedernales Cliff Trail in far west Travis, 4/18.
A perched SHORT-EARED OWL was photographed in a residential area from the sidewalk along the 6000 block of Vine Street, Travis, 4/10.
RED-HEADED WOODPECKER continues at the Alum Creek Road in Bastrop State Park, Bastrop, 4/2.
ACADIAN FLYCATCHER was photographed at Circle Acres Nature Preserve, Travis, 4/14.
Breeding BLACK PHOEBEs continue at Hamilton Pool.  Two adults described tending to three young in the nest! Travis, 4/16.  Updates appreciated!
SAY’S PHOEBE continued and described from Lakeway City Park and Greenbelt, Travis, 4/2.
GREAT KISKADEE was photographed at a private residence in Elgin, Bastrop 4/3.  And one individual photographed from Sayersville Road, Bastrop, 4/12.
HUTTON’S VIREO continues at a private residence, Gonzales, 4/1.  And another individual described from Warbler Woods, Guadalupe, 4/11.  With an additional vireo described from a restricted area, Temple, Bell, 4/18.
PLUMBEOUS VIREO was described and photographed at a private residence, Williamson, 4/15.
WOOD THRUSHes are in the circle now.  A pair were described, and one photographed from the Circle Acres Nature Preserve, Travis, 4/16-19.  And another individual photographed from Mills Pond, Travis, 4/12.
EASTERN TOWHEE continues and was last described at Commons Ford Park, Travis, 4/2.
YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD was photographed from Sayersville Road, Bastrop, 4/5.
WORM-EATING WARBLER described from a private residence, Travis, 4/17.
BLUE-WINGED WARBLER was heard singing and photographed from the marsh area of Circle Acres Nature Preserve, Travis, 4/15.  Another individual was observed and photographed at a private residence in west Travis, 4/19.
HOODED WARBLER described at a private residence, Caldwell, 4/5.
CERULEAN WARBLER was photographed along the pond trail at Mills Pond, Travis, 4/16.
A male PALM WARBLER was photographed at Richard Moya Park, Travis, 4/18-19.  And a second warbler described from Tejas Camp, Williamson, 4/16.
There have been numerous reports of SCARLET TANAGERs within the circle, with one brilliant male being photographed at Richard Moya Park, Travis, 4/19.
A male PAINTED BUNTING continued at a private residence, Kendall, 4/5.