Rare Bird Alert: April 21-30

This is the Austin Area Rare Bird Alert.  Last update on 4/30/20.  Send interesting sightings, complete with species name, location, and contact information to Vincent O’Brien at vincentobrienbirds@gmail.com.

A GROOVE-BILLED ANI was photographed and studied by many at Nicholas Dawson Park, Travis, 4/29-4/30.  Updates appreciated!
A BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO was described from the Cibolo Nature Center, Kendall, 4/23.
LESSER NIGHTHAWKs have returned to their local breeding site at the Village Shopping Center, with up to three individuals being described and photographed, Travis, 4/30-5/3.
A PIPING PLOVER was photographed at Dana Peak Park, Bell, 4/25.
WHIMBRELs have been photographed from Belton Lake, Temple, Bell, 4/23-29.  Up to four birds have been seen together at this location.
SANDERLINGs were photographed from Granger Lake, Williamson, 4/29.
A BROWN PELICAN was photographed from Dana Peak Park, Bell, 4/23.
GLOSSY IBIS was photographed in a flooded field along the 5000 block of Shallow Ford Road, Temple, Bell, 4/28.
A juvenile GOLDEN EAGLE was photographed near Flag Pond at Lake Somerville State Park, Lee, 4/27.
ZONE-TAILED HAWK described from Roy Guerrero Park, Travis, 4/25.  Another hawk reported with no public details from Reimers Ranch, Travis, 4/25.
At least three RED-HEADED WOODPECKERs continue to be described from the Alum Creek area of Bastrop State Park, Bastrop, 4/29.
A family group of resident BLACK PHOEBEs continue at Hamilton Pool, with two adults and three young, Travis, 4/23.
VEERY was photographed and noted from Mills Pond, Travis. Found south of the bird blind along the creek. 4/29-5/2.
GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSHs photographed and described from Mills Pond, most recently found near the nature viewing area and the mulberry stand by the dam, Travis, 4/28.  And another thrush described from West Bouldin Creek, Travis, 4/28.
WOOD THRUSH photographed at Nicholas Dawson Park, Travis, 4/25.
A BROWN THRASHER reported visiting the water feature at a private resident, Travis, 4/28.
A pair of BOBOLINKs were noted from the Sayersville Road area, Bastrop, 4/25.
GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER continues to be photographed and reported just downstream from dam area of Mills Pond, Travis, 4/24-5/2.
BLUE-WINGED WARBLER continues to be described and photographed from Mills Pond, Travis, 4/24-5/3.  Another warbler noted from private property visiting the water feature, Travis, 4/25.
A MACGILLIVRAY’S WARBLER was photographed and continued at a water feature on private property, Gonzales, 4/28.
A WESTERN TANAGER was photographed at a water feature on private property, Gonzales, 4/27.