Rare Bird Alert: April 29, 2017

This is the Austin Area Rare Bird Alert and has been updated through 4/27/2017. To report rare or unusual bird sightings in the Austin area, provide recent sighting updates, or inquire about location details on birds listed below, please send an email to armanmorenobirds@gmail.com. If submitting a bird sighting, please include species name, location details, and contact information.

Rarities Found This Week

  • Three GLOSSY IBIS were observed off of Shallow Ford West Rd between Belton and Temple in Bell County, on 4/26. The birds were mixed within a large group of White-faced Ibis.
  • A COMMON LOON was a photographed at Hornsby Bend in Travis County on 4/25. The bird continued through the morning of 4/26 but was observed flying west.
  • A ZONE-TAILED HAWK was reported flying over a private residence in Lago Vista, just across the lake from Pace Bend Park on 4/26.
  • Two LESSER NIGHTHAWKs have returned and were photographed flying around the intersection of Anderson Lane & Northcross Dr in Austin, Travis County, on 4/24. This is the same location where bird were observed for much of last summer.
  • RED-HEADED WOODPECKER was reported from Commons Ford Park in West Austin, Travis County, on 4/27. The bird was observed on a utility pole between the ranger’s cabin and the barn. This species is present in very small numbers in Bastrop County but is rare this far west.
  • A GREAT KISKADEE was observed flying downstream of the Colorado River Preserve in Central Austin, Travis County, on 4/25.
  • A HUTTON’S VIREO was reported from the headquarters of the Balcones Canyonlands NWR northwest of Austin, Travis County, on 4/23.
  • A GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER was reported from Walnut Creek Park in North Austin, Travis County, on 4/26.

Continuing Bird(s) From Previous Week

  • Two LEAST GREBEs continue in Williamson County through 4/23 off Parksville Way and Fairweather Way. Another Grebe was found off Witter Lane in Bell County on 4/22.
  • A BROAD-TAILED HUMMINGBIRD continued it’s long stay at a private residence in South Austin, Travis, on 4/23. The bird has likely departed, as it has not been observed since.
  • A HUTTON’S VIREO continues at Warbler Woods, Guadalupe County, on 4/26.
  • The long-staying WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH continues at Riverview Park in Seguin, Guadalupe County, on 4/26. The bird was last reported near the main pavilion.
Reports for the Austin area RBA cover a 60-mile radius, centered on the Capitol in downtown Austin. Bird sightings mentioned here have been filtered and scrutinized by the compiler and are believed to be genuine. Photo or audio documentation for species with challenging IDs will be mentioned if they are known to exist.