Rare Bird Alert: Feb. 19-29

This is the Austin Area Rare Bird Alert. Last update on 2/29/20.  Send interesting sightings, complete with species name, location, and contact information to Vincent O’Brien at vincentobrienbirds@gmail.com


BROWN-HEADED NUTHATCH was a remarkable find in the circle! The nuthatch was photographed visiting a feeder at a private residence in Georgetown, Williamson, 2/24. A potential first for this species in the county and within the TAS Circle! The bird has not been seen since. Any updates would be most appreciated!
The WHITE WAGTAIL first discovered on 2/8, continues at Roy Guerrero Park, Travis, through 3/1. Having not been reported since 2/10, the bird made a surprise encore appearance on 2/28, at the same spot were it was first discovered foraging along the shoals of the river by the Park Plaza playscape off Grove Blvd. Best views were from the eroded ridge that overlooks the river, just beyond the black fence.  This bird has also been known to visit the dam area upstream. The wagtail was observed and photographed by many. Updates appreciated!
GREATER SCAUP continues at Devine Lake Park, Williamson, 2/22.
LEAST GREBE continues to hold at the Parksville Way Retention Pond, Williamson, 2/24.  And another individual at a pond in the Milwood area, Williamson, 2/22.
HORNED GREBE continues at the Cedar Hollow area of Lake Georgetown, Williamson, 2/27.
SEMIPALMATED PLOVER was described from the flats below the Long Horn Dam, Travis, 2/28.
AMERICAN BITTERN continues among the reeds of the Southwest Greenway of Mueller, Travis, 2/29.
A FERRUGINOUS HAWK continues to be photographed along Sayersville Road, Bastrop, 2/23.
RED-HEADED WOODPECKER continues at the Alum Creek and Park Road 1 area of Bastrop State Park, Bastrop, 2/23.
A female GOLDEN-FRONTED WOODPECKER was photographed possibly paired up with a Red-bellied Woodpecker from Lone Tree Park, Williamson, 2/28. With another individual photographed at a private residence in Cedar Park, Williamson, 2/22.
PILEATED WOODPECKER continues along Witter Lane, Bell, 2/23.
A SAY’S PHOEBE continues at Walter Hoffman and Earl Callahan Road near a cattle pen, Bastrop, 2/23.  Another phoebe continues to be noted at Lakeway City Park and Greenbelt, Travis, 2/26.
A male VERMILION FLYCATCHER was photographed at Bee Cave Central Park, Travis, 2/27. And a resident male flycatcher continues to be noted from Mesquite Point at Pace Bend Park, Travis, 2/23. And up to three flycatchers continue to be observed at the northeast corner of Pond 3 at Hornsby Bend, Travis, 2/23.
COUCH’S KINGBIRD was photographed near the river bank at Allen Bates River Park, Caldwell, 2/27.
HUTTON’S VIREO continues to be photographed from a private residence, Gonzales, 2/22. And another vireo continues at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Travis, 2/24. The bird was last noted singing near the parking lot.
A pair of GRAY CATBIRDs were photographed at Owl Creek Park, Belton Lake, Bell, 2/23.
GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE continues to be described from private property, Travis, 2/24.
An AUDUBON’S ORIOLE continues at Walter Hoffman and Earl Callahan Road, Bastrop, 2/28.  And a second individual continues to be documented visiting a peanut feeder at a private residence, Guadalupe, 2/25.
SCOTT’S ORIOLE was photographed visiting a hummingbird feeder at a private residence, Travis, 2/22.
Pair of RUSTY BLACKBIRDs were photographed from Temple Lions Park, Bell, 2/22.
A female PYRRHULOXIA continues to be photographed at Fritz Hughes Park, Travis, 2/22.