Rare Bird Alert: July 5 – 24

This is the Austin Area Rare Bird Alert. Last update on 7/24/20.  Send interesting sightings, complete with species name, location, and contact information to Vincent O’Brien at vincentobrienbirds@gmail.com

A BLACK SKIMMER was a great find at Inks Dam National Fish Hatchery, Burnet, 7/13.  The bird was observed skimming the ponds for fish.

CANADA GOOSE continue in small groups at the Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area, Travis, 7/21, and from a Slough Road Pond, Bell, 7/17.

LESSER NIGHTHAWK continues in the circle, with one report from Cedar Creek Elementary School, Travis, 7/8.

LONG-BILLED CURLEW was  early and described from W. Turnerville Road, Travis, 7/18.

A MARBLED GODWIT was photographed in flight at Hornsby Bend, and last seen heading towards Pond 3, Travis, 7/17.

BAIRD’S SANDPIPER continued to be noted from the drying basins at Hornsby Bend, Travis, 7/7.

A pair of FORSTER’S TERNs were photographed from the boat dock at Walter E. Long Lake, Travis, 7/22.

A WOOD STORK was an excellent find and was photographed soaring along CR 438, just north of the Soil Conservation Service Site 21 Reservoir, Williamson, 7/12.

A BROWN BOOBY continues at Canyon Lake, with many reports from the Dam and Nature Trail area, Comal, 7/19.  And another immature booby was photographed passing over the ponds at Hornsby Bend, Travis, 7/5.  The bird was described heading northwest from the area.

A BROWN PELICAN continues to be reported and photographed at Granger Lake, with sightings from the Dam Overlook and Taylor Park, Williamson, 7/19.

A juvenile WHITE IBIS was noted from E. Highway 71, Kingsland, Llano, 7/22.

MISSISSIPPI KITEs continue to be widely reported, with ten hawks described east of the Barton Creek Wilderness Park, and more seen and photographed from Southwest Parkway near Mopac, Northwest Hills, Copperfield Nature Trails, O. Henry Middle School, and Yett Creek Neighborhood Park, Travis, 7/14.

BALD EAGLEs continue to be documented from the Granger Lake area, with an adult and juvenile holding at CR 428 and CR 361, Williamson, 7/18, and another individual from the Sore Finger and Friendship Park area of Granger Lake, Williamson, through 7/19.

A ZONE-TAILED HAWK continues at Jones Brothers Park, Travis, 7/8.

A PEREGRINE FALCON was described perched on top of the Hilton’s Homewood Suites in downtown Austin, Travis, 7/22. And another falcon observed flying through a flock of Purple Martins at the Bass Loop, Williamson, 7/21.

One resident BLACK PHOEBE continues at Hamilton Pool, Travis, 7/23.

A GREAT KISKADEE was described from the CR 238 area, Maxwell, Caldwell, 7/21.

HORNED LARKs continue to be studied and photographed along Wells Lane, Travis, 7/14.  The larks are still providing nice territorial displays.

A LONG-BILLED THRASHER was photographed at a private residence in Dripping Springs, Travis, 7/16.

A couple of YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRDs continue and were photographed from Pond 1W of Hornsby Bend, Travis, 7/18, and Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area, 7/12, Travis.

A BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER was photographed visiting a water feature at Warbler Woods, Guadalupe, 7/21.  And a female warbler from Boerne, Kendall, 7/23.

Reports for the Austin area RBA cover a 60-mile radius, centered on the Capitol in downtown Austin. Bird sightings mentioned here have been filtered and studied by the compiler and are believed to be genuine. Photo or audio documentation for species with challenging IDs will be mentioned if they are known to exist.